Themes and Segments

Cinema 7even wants to create more fun ways for you to listen to our brand of podcast. As our journey continues in the podcast realm we will present Themed episodes and Segments throughout them. Here our some of the ones we are bringing to the table…



  • OUR TAKE – We talk, discuss movie news, watch and breakdown trailers, or the trailer teasers. We also review, give our opinions, and grade films, movies.
  • PITCH IT or FIX IT – We take a film, game, or a movie franchise, or video game franchise, whatever it maybe in entertainment; and we can either pitch our idea, a new story for one of those, or choose to fix an existing one.
  • GAMING – Gamers talking about Video Games. Episodes specifically about gaming news, game trailers, or discussing games we are currently playing.
  • FIRE and ICE SPECIAL – An episode in which Chris Hawk and Mario Baccari Take 3 relatable Topics and debate them between each other.
  • OVERDUE – We watch movies that we haven’t seen that maybe we should have seen sooner. These movies were must sees, and had some kind of an impact on the pop culture or the film world.
  • TAKE 2 – A flashback or look back at movies that have been out for a second opinion.

Got an idea for a segment for us to do?  Want to see us do something out of the box and completely out of our wheelhouse?  Shoot us an email at and let us know!