Cinema 7even is a Virginia Beach locally run podcast created by a group of friends who grew up together where often times heated debates would arise around things such as the quality of movies, Video Games, and many comic book series.

We discussed for years, and then it was decided that we wanted to create an outlet around vast nerd and life discussions. Although our home is and will always be in the nerd realmOur exploration has started to open up further on more real life Experiences. Expanding the depth of the podcast as Cinema 7even brings our unique array of opinions and knowledge (or lack there of) to the listeners.

We wish for you to be more than just listeners, So Join us, be apart of the podcast as we develop a community, make new friends along the way, bullsh*t with on many interesting topics. Cinema 7even consists of three core members, outlined in here at The Crew as well as several other additional spotlight regulars across many episodes. Join Us!