The Crew


While the podcast does not have an official person in charge, the three core members discuss ideas and content, it can be said that Mario Baccari is the one that drives the podcast onward, managing a good portion of its social media, appearing on EVERY episode to date, and providing the venue to record podcasts on most days.  Mario Baccari, 28, resides in Virginia Beach, VA where he works at a local Best Buy, with bigger and stronger goals on the horizon.  An avid lover of Predator, Comics, Wrestling, Video Games and more, he is passionate about the things he loves and does not hesitate to give his opinion or get into a discussion.

If Mario is the one focusing on content of the podcast and managing the social media, John Knoke is the one looking for opportunities to expand and grow the podcast in both traditional and non-traditional ways.  Originally not a member of the podcast officially until some restructuring occured, John Knoke has since appeared on a good number of episodes.  John Knoke, 26, also resides in Virginia Beach, VA working as an Assistant Finance Manager at the local water park.  With a degree in accounting, he strives to live comfortably and further promote the podcast, while providing a realistic view of where and when goals can be accomplished.  Of John Knoke’s interests, highlights include: D&D, Tabletop Gaming, Video Games, Comics, Collecting and more.  Quick to provide a thought out opinion, John Knoke will debate a point with the cold hard FACTS.

The third and final core member of Cinema 7even is Chris Hawk, the podcasts heart and soul.  The spirit of the team, always excited and ready to do what needs to be done.  Chris Hawk having been on the second most episodes, behind only Mario Baccari, provides that final “something” that all podcasts need in their core members.  Chris Hawk, 28, resides in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife and daughter, where he works as an electrician to create a stable life for his loving family to grow and thrive.  Chris Hawk’s interests include Time Travel Anything, Marvel Comics, Spider-Man Anything, Video Games, and more.  Chris Hawk boasts a complicated review system that even his fellow podcast members don’t quite understand, The Chris Hawk Similarity Rubicon.