The Crew



It can be said that Mario is the one that drives the podcast onward, managing a good portion of its social media appearing on nearly EVERY episode to date. Mario’s goal is to share multiple expressions and create a fun healthy podcast community. An avid lover of Art, Comics, Conspiracies, Many of film franchises like Star Wars, Godzilla, Alien, and Predator. He has been a long time fan of Pro Wrestling and has actively preformed on The independent circuit as a 2nd generation performer. He is passionate about the things he loves and does not hesitate to give his opinion or get into a discussion.


Mario focuses on content while John looks for opportunities to expand and grow the podcast in many ways. John not only handles the finances but has gone out of his way to get guests for Cinema 7even. John has achieved a degree in accounting and is said to be the best numbers guy out there. Of John Knoke’s interests, highlights include: D&D, Tabletop Gaming including many of different style board games, Video Games, Comics, and a lot of Collecting.  Quick to provide a rebuttal, John Knoke will debate a point with a sense of hard FACTS.


Chris Hawk is the podcast’s heart and soul.  The spirit of the team, the hype man. Our dear Chris Hawk provides that final “something” that all podcasts need in their core members. Chris is a hard working family man who hopes to introduce his children to his geekdom ways, with his interests including anything involving Time Travel, “strictly” Marvel Comics, (he does love talking sh*t) also playing Video Games, and  Other Chris Hawk like things. Chris runs a complicated review system that even his fellow podcast members don’t quite understand, The Chris Hawk Similarity Rubicon.

Alumni :

Josh Porter – A avid Collector having been a fan of all things pop culture for most of his life with a long list of played Video Games, favorite movies, and comic book research. Don’t forget to mention Josh loves Animation & Cartoons. Full of energy and passion, Josh brings a lot of that to the podcast that rivals his arch-nemesis Chris Hawk. He is ready to Tackle serious topics while having a blast in the process. Check out Josh and his friends through The Metaverse or TheMostMeta on Social media.

Josh Haddox