Podcast Episodes

Enjoy our humble beginnings with our first ten episodes…

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Episode 1 – First Day On The Job

This is a podcast mostly about flim, and anything in entertainment. Bare with us as this is Our very first episode. We movie discuss recent rumors, about star wars character Mace Windu, our favorite films, what movies have come out this year so far, what we liked, and what were looking forward to seeing. This is a friendly forum of opinion, expression and discussion.



Episode 2 – Take 2

The cinema 7 boys are back again with some discusions in another great episode. Listen as this episode Josh, Hawk, and Mario review Swiss Army Man, Starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe.



Episode 3 – The Stranger You Know

Episode 3 sees the crew Review the newest hit netflix produced show “Stranger Things”.


Episode 4 – Beyond The 7

This episode The Gang reviews Star Trek: Beyond. Listen as Josh, Hawk, and Mario also discuss the newest DC trailers, like Wonder Woman and Justice League. Also hear their reactions to the Kong: Skull Island trailer. A guest joins them at the table this week.


Episode 5 – Our Sci-Fi Pt. 1

This is Part one of our three part Sci-Fi movie special. We will be talking about our favorite science fiction movies over all three parts, in which we pick one each per episode to discuss. This episode a guest joins the table again, Our good buddy Joey hill.


Episode 6 – Miller Time

Our sixth Episode is finally here. The Controversial “Suicide Squad” gets the Cinema 7even review. We discussThe flaws, the Fun, and our overall thoughts about the movie. A good friend, our “DC guy”, John Knoke joins the table this week to share his thoughts on the film.


Episode 7 – Our Sci-Fi Pt. 2

Part Two of Our favorite science fiction movies is here. Listen as the 7even crew discusses three more favorite sic-fi films, and give their personal insight of what they have chosen for this episode. Mario surprises as he Chooses i-Robot starring Will Smith, while Chris Hawk brings Fifth Element to the table. The main event is Josh’s pick, A Clockwork Orange, directed by Stanley Kubrick.


Episode 8 – Table Talk

On This episode we sit down, and shoot the breeze. At the table as we talk about recent film news.